Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago
Presents a Bioneers Network Event
November 1-3, 2013 * Roosevelt University
430 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

What is Bioneers?
"... The leading edge of the world we want to create".  
-David Orr, National Bioneers and Oberlin Project

Listen to keynote David Orr's November 1, 2013 interview with Jerome McDonnell, host of WBEZ's Worldview. Learn about the Bioneers movement and the Oberlin Project, a public / private partnership, designed to make the City of Oberlin climate positive by 2040.


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Radio Interviews
Listen to Mike Nowak's recent interviews with Sandra Steingraber and Albert Bates.

Sandra Steingraber and the Fight to Ban Fracking in Illinois

Who Participated This Year? Take A Look!
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kathy-kelly Amy Coffman Phillips, The B-Collaborative Randy Neufeld Mike Nowak, The Mike Nowak ShowShore, Debra Rohlfing, Colin Kelleher, Dennis Kelly MitchellRevBilly(3)_-_Copy D Savitri Davis, Naomi Farr, DougHickey, Michelle 1Zelechowski, Elise  Weigert, Karen King, WesArbaugh, Steve Wasserman, Kim Klehm, Nance Nathan Kipnis Boyd, Martha Johnson, Mike Clair, Joseph Wenscott Katy Hogan Blake Davis Hatley, Earl Kabbes, KarenPonce, Jamie Albrecht, Lisa Edel, John Tabitha Tripp Patchett, Jim Williams, Orrin Duffy, Kathleen Don WashingtonHoel, Robert Viands, Angie Dolan, Brian Trendler, Jodi Michaud, Debra Stainsby, Macdonald Rau, Bill Carroll, Emily Eng, Monica Oppenheimer, Lara William Buccholtz, Playing from Spirit Repkin, Mike Leki, Pete Walker, Naomi Southorn, Debbie Richart, Lan
Becka, Jami Evans, Terry Joel Freehling Swenie, Rachel Barkley, Traci Faith, William Ho, Kelvn Kass, AmandaKelsang, Dorje Marre, Elena Medearis, Lisa

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SUNDAY, November 3, 2013
1:00 pm to 1:45 pm

Change Your Mind – Change the World
Gain new insight and perspective of how to actualize the changes you want to see in the world by changing your mind through meditation.

Kelsang, Dorje
Gen Kelsang Dorje
Buddhist Monk
Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center

Gen Kelsang Dorje is a Buddhist Monk and the Resident Teacher of Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center. Gen Dorje is admired for his warmth and humour in making Buddha’s teachings relevant to the modern world. He is an inspiring example of how to integrate Buddha’s teachings into a joyful Buddhist life.

SUNDAY, November 3, 2013
1:45 pm to 2:30 pm

Healthy Cooking Demo – Quick, Easy & On the Go!
Learn how to make a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes that can be made in advance, travel well, hit all the nutritional bases and are sure to please the taste buds! Menu will include Squash Rice & Bean Salad and Quinoa Kale Salad.

Marre, Elena
Elena Marre 
Founder and Principal
The Kids’ Table, LLC

Elena Marre founded The Kids’ Table to teach and empower folks of all ages to cook, eat and love wholesome foods. Her goal? To make the world a healthier place, one delicious dish at a time. Elena is a recovering tax attorney and lives in Chicago with her sons (ages 14 and 11).

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