Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago
Presents a Bioneers Network Event
November 1-3, 2013 * Roosevelt University
430 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

What is Bioneers?
"... The leading edge of the world we want to create".  
-David Orr, National Bioneers and Oberlin Project

Listen to keynote David Orr's November 1, 2013 interview with Jerome McDonnell, host of WBEZ's Worldview. Learn about the Bioneers movement and the Oberlin Project, a public / private partnership, designed to make the City of Oberlin climate positive by 2040.


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Radio Interviews
Listen to Mike Nowak's recent interviews with Sandra Steingraber and Albert Bates.

Sandra Steingraber and the Fight to Ban Fracking in Illinois

Who Participated This Year? Take A Look!
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FRIDAY, November 1, 2013
2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Session Description
Food nourishes and sustains us. It connects the urban to the rural, both locally and globally. Yet challenges mount: soil health, fuel & fertilizer availability, pollution, a growing population (eating more meat), inter-connected global markets, climate change, equity/food security and food safety. How will the Chicago region feed itself? What efforts are under way and what steps are necessary to create a food system in nature’s image, accessible to all? What are the obstacles to broadening and accelerating the Food Movement?

NOTE: Sessions offered on Friday are participatory, and will focus on themes of food, water, waste, shelter, energy and community resilience.  Each includes some of Chicago’s finest practitioners, as well as one of our keynotes. These moderated 2 1/2 hour workshops are being designed to be fun, fast-paced, and end up with an action plan.

King, Wes
Wes King 
Interim Executive Director
Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Wes King, Interim Executive Director, Illinois Stewardship Alliance (ISA): Wes joined ISA in 2009 as Policy Coordinator and later as Policy Director, in January of 2013 he started as Interim Executive Director. Wes’ work focuses on developing and monitoring sustainable agriculture and local food related legislation and policy in Springfield and at the Federal Level.

Nationally, Wes serves as the co-chair for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s Marketing, Food Systems, and Rural Development Committee.

Blake Davis
Blake Davis 
Adjunct Professor of Sustainability and Urban Agriculture
School of Applied Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology

Davis teaches about sustainability and facilitates undergraduate research projects at IIT. His students developed the aquaponics facility at The Plant.

Hickey, Michelle 1
Michelle Hickey
Vice-President and Co-Founder
The Resiliency Institute

Michelle Hickey is the co-founder of The Resiliency Institute, an educational non-profit transforming the suburbs through permaculture design. She discovered permaculture about eight years ago and is thrilled to pursue it professionally after receiving her PDC in January 2013.

Michelle was formerly the Program Director for Illinois Solar Energy Association, Project Manager for Seven Generations Ahead, Assistant Program Manager for the award winning City of Naperville Renewable Energy Program, and owner of Bliss Essentials.

Williams, Orrin
Orrin Williams 
Center for Urban Transformation

Orrin is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Center for Urban Transformation (CUT), a nonprofit organization informed by the principles of environmental justice, economic justice, social justice, and human rights, which aims to mitigate climate change and create healthier local food systems on the South Side of Chicago.

For CUT, achieving these goals involves advocating for a living wage for food service employees and increasing South Side residents’ access to healthy food by repurposing underutilized urban spaces for farmland.

Hauk, Gunther
Gunther Hauk 
Executive Director
Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary

Gunther Hauk has been a teacher, lecturer, biodynamic gardener and beekeeper for nearly 40 years. He co-founded the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY in 1996, where he developed a successful biodynamic part-time training and taught at Sunbridge College. Together with his wife Vivian he co-founded Spikenard Farm, Inc. in 2006, a non-profit organization with a honeybee sanctuary at its heart.

Over these decades, he has given many workshops on biodynamic agriculture and sustainable/biodynamic beekeeping methods throughout the United States. In his book “Toward Saving the Honeybee” (2002) he calls for a radical change from current approaches to beekeeping. The Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary is located in Floyd, VA.

Eng, Monica
Monica Eng, Moderator 
WBEZ Chicago Public Media

Monica Eng is a producer at WBEZ Chicago Public Media focusing on food, health and consumer issues. Before joining WBEZ she worked for 17 years as a reporter at the Chicago Tribune covering ethnic culture, entertainment, food and food policy.

Eng is a Chicago native whose family arrived in the city in the 1920s to start a Chinese restaurant empire that ran its course in the late 80s.

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